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 Assaf Lederman


Dancer and independent artist.  Started out as a football player, but a cruel injury ended a promising career at one of the lower leagues in Israel. Began my dance studies at The Jaffa group school for contemporary dance and graduated (2014) the movement and choreography Department at the Jerusalem Academy for music and dance. Currently studies at the Feldenkrais Teacher Training course run by Dr. Eilat Almagor and Anat Karivin.

Danced in the works of Ran Ben Dror and Amos Hetz. Presented his work in independent dance evenings at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

Dance offers me space to have fun seriously with the fact of me being a human being and the physicality involved.



Dotan Dvir


Dancer, artist, lives in Jerusalem

Graduated from "The  Jaffa Group"- an independent contemporary dance school in Jaffa, from The Professional Dance Training Workshop in Haifa and from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Created the work "Buzz Underline" which was presented at Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri and also the work "Nowhere" a collaboration with Aviv Sheyn which was presented at the Bible Land Museum, as part of the Jerusalem Arts Festival.

Participated in various projects as a dancer.

Curated together with Abigail Sfez a series of improvisation performances called "Kakatuv" at the Barbur gallery, 2014.

Likes to explore movement and the life within the body.


Dror Shoval


Dancer and dancers observer 

Studied at the  Dance training workshop in Haifa and the University of Haifa

A student of  Ilan Lev

Danced at  Dganit Shemi’s work

Searches  for the  post-contemporary dance

Gili Inglis


An Independent artist and dancer, lives and works in Jerusalem. Studied at the Haifa dance training workshop for contemporary dance and is a B.A Graduate of the movement and choreography Department at the Jerusalem Academy for music and dance. Performer and co-creator of 'Lotte‘, a visual-theater and movement piece for paper puppets. Choreographer and dancer of ‘Detailes of a Swing Phase’ as part of the International dance week of the Machol Shalem Dance House. Dancer of  ‘Sacre Du Naharin’ a piece by Ruby Edelman.

Curious and improvises. Uses the body as a tool to sense, absorb and  work a way.  

 Ye'ela Wilschanski


Multidisciplinary artist . Studied at Smash Berlin's Voice and Movement  workshop, SMFA School of the musem of fine art, Boston .BFA majoring performance and sculpture from the Academy of Art and Design , Bezalel .

Selected group exhibitions : Hakubiya Gallery ,  Hamshushalayim "Tarucha" , Beit Hansen 

Selected performances:  The great Flood Colective, Koresh 14, Tower of David  

Started  improvisation in movement becuse it's the most interestuin raw material to sculpt with  .

Brings the body that is regularly used as a tool for comunication  to the dance studio .

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